Here the classes are conducted in tune with the nature…

More than 1000 kids have gained the confidence to walk tall.

Emphasis is more on hands on training rather than class room.

Creativity finds expression through these children, if only we allow it…

Experimentation Nurtures Creativity


Building Confidence

Self-confidence means that children believe in their own abilities and capabilities. Due to this, self-confident children are more likely to challenge themselves in a learning environment. Self-confident children also trust in their ability to master their behaviour, learn new skills and tackle obstacles. They’re also more likely to get along with others and respond positively to social environments where sharing and taking turns are involved.

Creative Expressions

Children learn, develop critical skills, and have fun when provided the opportunity for creative, artistic expression. Painting, coloring, writing, making music, and making crafts are all creative activities. Creative expression helps children articulate their feelings and thoughts.

Sports Builds Up Intelligence

Playing a sport certainly good for physical health and for one’s social life as well. But, could playing a sport or two actually increase your intelligence? A number of quality scientific studies do point out benefits of sports for concentration, focus, memory and other aspects of intelligence.

Interaction Based Methods

We know that play is integral to helping children develop into healthy, well-adapted people. Yet play is an “endangered species,” Goodwin said in Davos to a rapt group of besuited industry executives, who were seated on small block chairs and building Legos

A free flowing child that is not spoon fed is a boon to society


Learning things fast

If she grows up with praise, she will start appreciating….– Wellington Stephne

Creative ways of study

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Like a mother’s care

Kids world creates happy and well adjusted individuals for the society.– Emma Watson

Why Kalyani Kids Play School


Self Reliant Individuals

Parents who allow their children to make mistakes and learn from them are giving their children a major advantage in life.

Talent Search Methods

Kalyani Kids Play School utilizes many methods in acquiring professional and caring teachers for our facility.

Value Based Education

Kalyani Kids Play School believes in Value Based Education for infant/toddler child care and pre-school…

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